Pure excitement.


Just ordered my tickets to see the pens take on the isles dec 10. Couldn’t be more excited eeeeee. My fourth pens game and I’m finally going to see Crosby 😉 100% without a doubt the happiest. This is the shortest most pointless blog, sorry. Can’t even sit still, every time I think about being 2 ft away with only 1/2 inch thick plexiglaws between sid  and I, I shriek. Yeeep. Oh and my sisters been begging me to write a blog about her. You know how annoying siblings can be, pain in the ass. Here you go Crys, you’re in my blog. ❤ Ha ha. just kidding I have the best siblings in the world. Love you guyssssssss. I’ll write something a little better soon. Gotta come up with some good topics and some free time.. crazy busy at work with the holidays.



why ya gotta be so.. mean?

Lovely. That’s what I’ll call you. I’m obsessed with addressing people by sweet and sincere compliments. Why? Cause I simply don’t have a negative thing to say to or about anyone (well almost everyone, don’t you dare cross an angel.) Or maybe because I’m a hospitality major and currently work at Victoria’s Secret and we’re forced to approach and greet people with the brightest smiles and utmost energy.. I’m not sure, but either way chances are if you you’re conversing with me you’ll receive dozens of positive compliments. I’m a pretty humble person I suppose, however if there’s one thing I know about myself as of late is that I literally am “the sweetest bitch you’ll ever meet” Sorry Sammi.. ya just don’t hold that title any more 😉

So let’s get into the point of this blog post..

Okay, so basically lately I’ve been observing that a lot of people just are so negative and have no respect for anyone. I mean why, I just don’t get it. Why would someone enjoy walking around being miserable to others? I just can’t imagine what goes on in that person’s head. Honestly people don’t realize this often but the way you treat others can really change their entire day around. Just one smile or one compliment  can really lift someone up including strangers and just as fast as you can lift someones spirits you can also bring them down with one dirty look or acting as if they aren’t even there. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen people walk up to me while bartending at the Marriott or on the sales floor at VS with very sour, miserable looks on their faces. After genuinely talking to them it’s pretty easy and quick to find out they just are extremely stressed out with work, friends, family, school, money.. whatever, etc.. just like the rest of us.. As if anyone needs more negativity in life. That’s when there’s a window of opportunity to chip in and give someone a smile, I mean it’s not always going to work.. some people really are just scrooges but hey, it’s worth a shot–every smile counts.  I’m a pretty sensitive person, so I feel like not everyone’s going to read this and be like oh, she’s right and that’s okay but I hope I can open some peoples eyes a little bit. I’m not saying we should all walk around and baby every single person you come across, but a little effort can go a really long way. There’s two different categories if we’re really going to get into this: There’s the people who are just plain rude and don’t care about hurting anyone’s feelings — ex: girl who talks shit about another girl for simply no reason.. these people generally are just full of drama and wouldn’t have it any other way.. & then there’s the people who are just pure miserable and roll their eyes at everything. — ex: customer at one of  your tables giving you grief as they watch you run around like a chicken with their head cut off.

The one that drives me most crazy are these drama-seekers. I can’t begin to fathom why anyone feels that they have tear a person down to bring themselves up. Are  you that insecure and unhappy with life? I mean really you have to ask yourself this. We’re all guilty of the childish bull-shit game that’s played in high school and okay maybe fresh/soph year of college (which still is very highly unacceptable) but that doesn’t mean it’s okay. So many tragic events have occurred in history and still continue because of bullying and people just not caring about the way they treat others. It’s so heartbreaking because half the time these people don’t  even feel any remorse. As you grow up you’ll learn to realize how serious it is but you’d be surprised to know I still know women and men in their mid to late 20’s who are still guilty of this. Yes, men too are also guilty. Men are also a lot more commonly guilty of being insensitive to women.. Which is also related to the topic but I feel deserves it’s own little post, so we will save that for later… oh and ladies you’re not off the hook, I know your guilty of it too.

Okay, you’re all going to laugh at me for this one but I’m about to quote mean girls because it’s just so true..

“Calling someone fat won’t make you any skinner. Calling someone stupid doesn’t make you any smarter. Ruining someone’s life won’t make yours any better. The only thing that you can do in life is solve the problem that’s in front of you.”

Think about it for a second. Positivity could help change the world. –Okay now I’m talking about changing the world but hear me out. If you’re positive and you can force a smile upon your face you’ll soon learn to believe that everyone deserves to be happy. Think of it as a chain.. One happy person spreads kindness to another and that person spreads to another person.. you’ve got some happy people. Now you got a happy person who is kind to someone and that person is rude, you broke the chain and you fail at life. Just kidding.. but not really. Nothing makes one person better then the other or gives them the right to think so. I don’t care how beautiful or rich you are.. If you’ve got a shitty personality and you don’t give a shit about anyone but yourself and what YOU want then you’re ultimately the ugliest person in the world. Without a doubt, no questions asked here you won’t change my mind. Next time you see someone with a frown on their face or someone tries reaching out to you, do your part. Don’t ignore them or spread negativity that isn’t necessary.

In this crazy world, it’s hard to beat em sometimes.. but when all else fails, Kill em with kindness.

muahhhh xoxo ❤

Welcome back sid!

Well, today was a great day for hockey, or at least for Pittsburgh fans. Sidney Crosby was finally cleared to play and returned to the ice to take on the NYI after missing 60+ games with a concussion. After Crosby took the blindside hit from David Steckel in the 2011 winter classic he has certainly been missed.. or not.

Yesterday I got the news that Crosby would be returning to the ice, I seriously couldn’t even begin to tell you how happy I was to hear it, but I’m sure you could guess. I log onto to twitter and automatically see ridiculous posts about “Cindy Crysby.” Whatever just completely shrugged it off and continued to express my outrageous joy. And if I know one thing, this isles-pens match-up will be another one for the books after past meet ups between the two franchises. Game time comes around and the energy is rocking at the Consol Energy Center with 18,571 fans in the crowd holding signs that read “Welcome back SID” — I could literally just cry at how beautiful and bittersweet it was. I’m such a sap when it comes to thing’s like this. I completely envy any fan who was there to attend and witness the moment. Puck drops and within the first five minutes in the first period BAM sid takes the pass from Dupuis at center ice, weaves through three isles defenders and buries the puck behind goaltender Anders Nilsson with a backhand goal. B-e-a-utiful baby. No surprise to me though, Sid is NO stranger to shine in big moments like these.


As if that wasn’t enough for a come back, Later on in the first Sid sets up a pass to Orpik leading to a one timer from the point, earning Sid a two point game early on. Now I’m really feeling bad for isles rookie goaltender Anders Nilsson at this point. His first NHL start in net facing an over-whelming and highly emotional crowd–poor thing never stood a chance. Seriously takes a lot of emotional strength to play this game, especially on nights like tonight. Early on in the second period Crosby takes a rebound, makes the pass to Letang who sets up Geno for the third goal of the game– Making it a three point game for Crosby and Malkins 10th goal of the season. Almost immediately after Steve Sullivan takes the pass from Malkin and tips it in past Nilsson. Giving the pens a 4-0 advantage over the isles. But it doesn’t end there for the pens or for Sid the kid. Early in the third period Sid carries the puck along the boards battling against defencemen Milan Jurcina, fires the backhander that deflects off Steve Staios and makes it 5 lead game, Sid’s fourth point of the night. Game ends 5-0 giving Fleury the shut out.

What an emotional ride it’s been for us Pens fans. After Sids concussion, Geno’s knee surgery, Orpiks lower body injury, Kennedys concussion symptoms, Michaleks broken finger, lovejoys broken wrist, staals lower body injury… and many many more injuries and call ups from our farm team.. and just plan bad luck we’ve had last season, I think it’s safe to say.. We’re back baby–We can breathe again. I’m very confident in our boys and I’m very confident in our minor league affiliate, they’ve really proven that they fit in this franchise. I know they’re going to be a team to beat this season.

There’s one thing that’s really on my mind however. In the midst of watching the game I had logged onto facebook and began reading some really entertaining status’. Some that read “Cindy you’re still a pussy” or “Cindy you really suck” HM okay. Back this train up. Any one that knows me should know that you will NEVER and I mean NEVER walk away from making these statements without being schooled. Okay I mean everyone’s entitled to their own opinion and I guess a lot of people don’t care for Sidney or think he’s a pussy whatever that’s all fine and dandy.. I’m all about sports rivalry’s and you know bashing other players/other teams, I mean hell I don’t like Tom Brady and I’ll shout it to the world but that doesn’t mean he’s not one hell of a QB, if not the best, fuck I’ll admit it. Half the reason I don’t like him is because he doesn’t play for my team and he’s just THAT good. And that’s what I’m getting at.. Yes, a lot of speculations have been made that Crosby is a pussy and okay if you want to think that, sure go ahead.. If you’re not a fan of the pens then I mean why not. BUT to make statements about how much he sucks, that’s just baffling. Everyone who could call themselves a fan of hockey could determine whether or not they like Crosby but they also should be able to tell the difference between pure talent and pure envy. I mean the kid is good, Statistically he is one of the best in this day of the NHL. He is one of the highest paid players currently with 413 games played, 217 goals, and 576 points up to date, in only 6 pro seasons..The youngest player to ever be announced captain and let’s not forget his game winning goal in the Olympics last year for Canada. Sidney Crosby IS without a doubt a very talented young kid. I mean you can’t argue statistics. I respect people who are like you know what I don’t like Sidney Crosby but that mother fucker makes magical shit happens with his hands. BECAUSE ITS TRUE. When he is on the ice, it’s natural talent. Talent that doesn’t come with practice, practice, practice, for Crosby it’s just there. He’s always finding ways to find the back of the net. I could literally just go on forever about it. I guess a lot of people are annoyed how he’s becoming the “face of the NHL” or how he get’s so much air time or “special treatment” .. Listen.. the more talent you have, the higher you get paid, the higher you get paid, the better you get treated.. He is getting paid a hell of a lot to do what he does not to mention he has an extremely large fan base believe it or not and he IS a GOOD hockey player. Yes, he’s going to get some kind of special treatment to an extent or more recognition then other average joe players. It’s common sense people, and maybe you don’t agree with it but it’s just the way it goes. Tom brady has so many endorsements.. more then Tim Tebow why do you think that is? BECAUSE HE’S GOOD. How often do you see things about Mike Green or Taylor Pyatt? Not very often because they’re just not that good. I don’t know, it’s all common sense. People get what they want to see, and they want to see Crosby and the penguins tearing up the ice more then they want to see the new york rangers taking on the flordia panthers.. it’s just real life. Get over it. Case closed. As far as the Cindy-pussy statements go, okay I can see why people would say this.. However, If you were a penguins fan you’d highly respect the way he plays the game and the way he makes decisions for the team. He is the captain and he’s got to do what he’s got to do. Every captain will fight for power plays when they think they’re deserved .. it’s the game. To be called a pussy for playing it safe with his head injury, is just absurd. He is not the first of hockey players or athletes period to take such a long recovery. Look at Marc Savard, He’s missing the entire 11-12 season with a conky,. With a head injury the time table for return can vary by severity and its always better to take caution. With out a doubt he wanted to return to game ready but fortunately it wasn’t up to him or else we don’t know how well he would of been doing today. So, yes as badly as I wanted his return to come sooner, I’m very happy it didn’t for his own safety and happiness.

With that being said, Congrats on your recovery and amazing come back Sidney! We’ve missed you and we all knew you’d be back full-throttle.